Ealdormere CoH

February 23rd, A.S. LI (51)

Welcome to the Official Website of the Ealdormere College of Heralds. The College is comprised of the warranted heralds and pursuivants within the Kingdom of Ealdormere (encompassing most of the Province of Ontario, Canada) in the Society For Creative Anachronism, under the guidance of the Trillium Principal Herald and their Staff.


Previous Trillium: SilverWolf Herald  
Future Trillium:
Inland Seas Herald
  Cainder ingen Hui Chatharnaig(H)‡   >>pending<<
  ( Kelly Wyatt)    

59 Gladstone Ave
St Thomas, ON N5R 2L7

Current Trillium Herald
  ~ no calls after 9pm please ~
Pelayo of Marchmont
  ~ no calls after 9pm please ~
(Paul Gries)
37 Burrells Road
Ajax, ON L1S 2V3
~ no calls after 9pm please ~




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