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Welcome to the Official Website of the Ealdormere College of Heralds. The College is comprised of the warranted heralds and pursuivants within the Kingdom of Ealdormere (encompassing most of the Province of Ontario, Canada) in the Society For Creative Anachronism, under the guidance of the Trillium Principal Herald and their Staff.

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Structure of the Ealdormere College of Heralds

The Trillium Herald’s Staff consists of the following teams and members:
(please note that the titles and responsibilities of some of the Trillium Herald's staff are the process of being refined. Once the new structure has been finalized the descriptions of each of positions and their place within the team shall be posted here. Until that time this page shall simply feature a list of the staff - we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause)

The Trillium Herald
The Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Ealdormere
Nicolaa de Bracton
(Susan Carroll-Clark)

The Inland Seas Herald

The Trillium Herald’s Drop-Dead Deputy
Liadin Chu
(Darcy Turner)

The Green Mantle Herald
The Submission Herald
Rylyn Buchanan
(Beth Patchett)

The Seeblatt Pursuivant
Responsible for the Internal Commentary and the External Letter Of Intent
Brand Thorwaldsson
(Blair Wettlaufer)

The Quintain Pursuivant
Responsible for the notification letters
Medb ingen Dungaile
(Jackie Wyatt)

The Caleygreyhound Herald
The keeper of the Ealdormere Order of Precedence
Liadin Chu
(Darcy Turner)

The Bucina Herald

The Education Herald

The Pentland Pursuivant
Pursuivant responsible for field heraldry
Baudoin de Donremy
(Scott Unger)

The Afon Fawr Herald
Pursuivant responsible for name research
Edmund de la Haye
(David Hayward)

The Stave Pursuivant
Pursuivant responsible for heraldic display
Percival de la Rocque

Bee Pursuivant
Pursuivant responsible for electronic communication
Gunther Wahlstedt von Bremen
(David Clark)

The Gopher Pursuivant
The administrative assistant to the Trillium Herald

The Trillium Signet
The Head of the Ealdormere Scribal College
Kersteken Janzdoctere
(April Luchies)

The Privy Seal
the Scroll of Honour and the Boke of Reigns.
Lassarfhina inghean Uilleag
(Tanya Imrie)

The Youth Macer
(contact Trillium Herald for Information)

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