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Welcome to the Official Website of the Ealdormere College of Heralds. The College is comprised of the warranted heralds and pursuivants within the Kingdom of Ealdormere (encompassing most of the Province of Ontario, Canada) in the Society For Creative Anachronism, under the guidance of the Trillium Principal Herald and their Staff.

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The Ealdormere Internal Letters of Intent (ILoI), Letters of Comment (ILoC) and External Letters of Intent (ELoI) are available on OSCAR (

The most recent decisions from Laurel on Ealdormere submissions -coming soon!

The process of submitting names, devices and badges for registration in Ealdormere is the responsibility of the Green Mantle Herald and the Seeblatt Herald. These duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Administrative Handbook of the SCA College of Arms, the Laws and Policies of the Kingdom of Ealdormere and the Administrative Handbook of the Ealdormere College of Heralds (available from the Ealdormere Information Office). The Green Mantle Herald and the Seeblatt Herald are not only warranted deputies of the Trillium Herald, but is also warranted deputies of the Kingdom Exchequer. (Only warranted Exchequers may accept money on behalf of the Kingdom of Ealdormere or the Ealdormere College of Heralds)

The current Green Mantle Herald is:

Nicolaa de Bracton
(Susan Carroll-Clark)
2 Black Dr.
Ajax, ON L1S 7R5

All incoming submissions must go to the Green Mantle Herald. Items in submission are then passed on to the Seeblatt Herald who collects commentary on the submissions and then creates an external letter that is sent out to the Known World Heralds for commentary. The Seeblatt Herald monitors this commentary and is best able to answer questions regarding submissions in process. Once information is received back from Laurel, notification letters are drawn up and sent out by our Quintain Herald.

There is no current Seeblatt Herald.


The current Quintain Pursuivant is:

Medb ingen Dungaile
(Jackie Wyatt)

Submissions currently cost $10 Cdn per element

Submission Forms:

Name (individual)
Name (Branch)
Fieldless Badge
Lozenge Device

The Ealdormere Internal Letters of Intent (ILoI), Letters of Comment (ILoC) and External Letters of Intent (ELoI) can be found on the ECoH site.
An archive of the Laurel Letters of Acceptance and Return (LoAR) can be found at the Laurel website.


There seems to be a lot of confusion on this matter, so here is an explanation of how things work. The submission process is really quite simple.

A complete name submission (whether for your persona, alternate name, or household name) should include the following:

* Two copies of the Name Submission form;
* Two copies of all documentation for your name; and
* A check for $10.00 Cdn made out to "SCA -- Ealdormere".

A complete device or badge submission should include the following:

* Three COLORED copies of the Device Submission form;
* One UNCOLORED copy of the same form (UNCOLORED means a black and white line drawing like a coloring book picture; NO grayscale!!, even if your charges or field is sable, do not color in the black areas;
* Two copies of any documentation for unusual charges (if applicable); and
* A check for $10.00 Cdn (that's $10 per item, if you submit both a device AND a badge the fee is $20 total) made out to "SCA -- Ealdormere".

A single check may be written out for multiple items (e.g., name and device on one check, etc.).

Mail all materials to the Green Mantle Herald (information above)



Submissions are required to be processed in a timely manner but they still take a long time to process.

Submissions are processed as received and collected together in an Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI), which is posted to the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR). Commentators of the Ealdormere's College of Heralds are given about a month to comment on this ILoI.

The Green Mantle Herald reviews the comments and the submissions once the commentary period closes and decides which ones will be sent forward and which will be returned at the kingdom level. The submitters whose articles have been return will be informed of the rejection along with any suggestions on correcting or modifying their submissions. Submissions which are to be sent forward are placed on the kingdom's monthly External Letter of Intent (LoI) on OSCAR.

Laurel allows four months for commentary before the ELoI will be considered for decisions (i.e., a ELoI sent out in late April will be considered at the August Laurel Meeting). Decisions of Laurel Meetings are made available to members of the Laurel College and Principal Heralds within a few weeks of the meeting in the form of a Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR).

When the Green Mantle Herald receives the LoAR, they direct the Quintain Pusuivant to contact each of the submitters and inform them of the results of submission explaining the reasons for the return (if applicable) or congratulating them on the successful registration.



Name form:
1. Fill in the SCA name that you want to register on the Society Name line.
2. Fill in your legal name, address, phone, e-mail address and date of birth on the appropriate lines.
3. The “branch name” line is the name of the SCA group you play with.
4. Check the box next to the appropriate gender.
5. Under Name type, fill in one box. Most submissions will be primary.
6. Under Action type, fill in one box. If this is a resubmission, check the box next to who returned your last submission.
7. If you consulted with a herald, write in the person’s SCA name and e-mail/phone number in the appropriate lines.
8. If this is a resubmission, fill in the “name previously submitted but not registered”, “kingdom previous name submitted from” and “date returned” lines.
9. Read through the “Name Processing Criteria” VERY carefully. If you want a name for a specific time, culture, and/or meaning, this is where you need to put that information, but remember that the more specifics you request, the tougher the College of Arms will be on ensuring that your documentation is completely accurate for what you have requested.
10. Record and attach all documentation for your name. Include the title of the book, the author, the publisher, the date of publication, the page number, and the header (if applicable). If you are using a web site – include the complete URL and the date it was accessed.

Device/Badge form:
1. Society name is your SCA name.
2. Select if the name is already registered (include registration date, if known), being submitted with device, or submitted previously but has not been registered yet (include which kingdom).
3. Fill in your legal name, address, e-mail address, phone number and date of birth on the appropriate lines.
4. If you consulted with a herald, put their SCA name and e-mail/phone number in the appropriate blanks.
5. Choose the appropriate action type.
6. The miniature drawing is a LINE DRAWING identical to the larger colored in drawing. Before you color in the larger drawing, photocopy and reduce the drawing to fit in the space provided.
7. The drawings need to fill the entire space provided. Do not use a different shape for the shield. Please DO NOT use wax-based coloured pencils or crayons. These are unacceptable at Laurel due to their tendency to degrade and become sticky, and will be returned at Kingdom.

Printing the forms:
The forms are provided in.pdf format and are set to print on standard 8.5” x 11” paper – DO NOT, under any circumstances alter the print size or print the forms on alternate sizes of paper. To be sure – Device form escutcheons should measure 12 cm x 14 cm, Badge forms circles should be 12 cm in diameter


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